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Are you fit to lead in
complex and uncertain times?

We support leaders who aspire to lead  teams and organisations into the future 

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With experience as executives in large corporate organisations and having worked with a wide range of leaders and managers in both the public and private sectors, we understand the many obstacles that they face.

Our experience and skills cover the spectrum of people and organisational challenges arising during times of change and transformation.

We use this to support leaders to ensure high and sustainable team performance.   Our working style is practical and client oriented.

We work with a trusted network of partners across Europe and beyond.

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Are you faced with the challenge of:

Delivering more with limited, even decreasing resources?

Finding time to think, learn and grow, while under constant pressure to deliver?

Meeting your organisation's demands, while managing own and team wellbeing?

Making sound and timely decisions in a complex and changing world?

Anticipating change and responding quickly, while giving a sense of stability?

Want to know how we can help?

Young Businesswomen

Working with us

We help you to meet these leadership challenges and develop the teams and organisations of the future, which thrive by growing people and releasing their intelligence, creativity and energy.

“Initially I felt overwhelmed, but the development journey gave me a clear path to achieve my goals.”


Manager, Public Sector Organisation    

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Our role is like that of a mountain guide.

We work with leaders and their teams to:

Clarify the destination

Prepare for the journey

Understand potential pitfalls

Provide knowledge and tools

Carry some of the load along the way

Find out how we can support you!

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Our Offering

​From lifestyle and mental fitness, through to competency, role and organisational fit

“The Harrison report has proven to be very useful. It was reassuring to know that I have a decent profile as a manager.”


Manager, EU Consultative Body    

“I'm still amazed at what a difference only six weeks makes. I am now equipped with a powerful operating system that I will apply in my personal and business life.”


Marketing Exec., Renewable Energy Industry    

Interested in a fitness check?

Interested in starting your development journey?

What happens on a development journey?

Futur-o Development Journeys incorporate Learning Adventures that combine eBooks curating latest thinking, with exercises encouraging reflection, plus personal integration sessions to accelerate on-the-job impact.


They make it easy and enjoyable to acquire essential knowledge.

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Interested in taking the next step?

Speak to us and see how we can help!

Meet The Team


Rob Bigge

  • Rob Bigge LinkedIn - Futur-o

I am an entrepreneur, organisational design consultant, management trainer and coach.


My passion is working with leaders and managers to create teams and organisations that are highly productive, agile, innovative and inspiring to work in.

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Anna Zanghi

  • Anna Zanghi LinkedIn - Futur-o

I am a changemaker, strategist and coach with a passion for innovation, transformation and shaping organizational cultures in anticipation of fast-paced digital disruption.


My focus is on  future work practices and the development and wellbeing of their leaders, teams and employees. 

We Support Leaders Who:

Are not afraid to introspect and develop their fitness to lead holistically.

Know that leading into the future means investing in the human aspects of work and a more fulfilling employee experience.

Dare to be authentic, humble, and courageous in challenging the status quo. 

Drive sustainable growth and value creation through innovative, responsible, and inclusive work practices.


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