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Development Journeys

Come on a development journey with us!

Find out why personalised Learning is so effective!

What can you expect?

Our Development Journeys provide a path to achieve specific individual, team or organisational objectives. They are customised to meet the needs of each leader and / or their team, and are designed to be easily integrated into a hectic work schedule over typically three to six months.

We have pre-packaged development journeys in mental and lifestyle fitness, and then fully tailored journeys that address specific leader objectives
See an example of a learning journey recently created for a leader.

Personalised Learning

Do any of the following apply to you?

You recognise the need to continue to learn and develop yourself as a leader, but the pressures of work mean that you don’t even have the time to explore the options
You managed to carve some time out of your busy agenda to attend a training workshop, but were disappointed to find that it offered little that was relevant to your own situation
A training programme covered useful topics, but didn’t give you the necessary practice to feel confident in applying the knowledge and skills in your own context
You left a workshop with valuable new insights but, despite your best intentions, you simply have too many other things to do right now to operationalise these insights
The optimism and excitement that you felt after the “life changing” workshop that promised to transform you into the more capable and happier leader you aspire to be, gradually fizzled out, leaving you feeling disillusioned and self-critical
Personalised Learning
Image by Danka & Peter

Personalised learning provides the solution to these challenges by:

Creating the thinking space to clarify the team or organizational impact you want to achieve
Co-creating with you, a tailor-made development journey that integrates the necessary consultancy, training and coaching in a path that enables you and your team to reach your goals
Providing Learning Adventure e-books that condense learning into easily digestible chunks that give you just what you need, just when you need it
Delivering these Learning Adventures at a rate that you are easily able to absorb and apply
Taking some of the load off you, for example by supporting you to prepare and facilitate team workshops, so that you can control urgent operational priorities as well as lead more strategic change
Providing a “chain of evidence” that links the Development Journey to tangible organisation benefits and a high return on investment
Initially I felt overwhelmed, but the Development Journey gave me a clear path to achieve my goals.
Leader, International Public Sector organisation

Lifestyle Fitness Development Journey: 

Personalised action plan based on your Lifestyle Fitness Assessment results
Targets objectives addressing stress, exercise, sleep, and body rest/recuperation
Includes one on one coaching plus a biofeedback retest to track your progress
It is particularly recommended for leaders operating in fast-paced and or high-stress working environments where leader health and wellbeing are critical to sustained performance, productivity and engagement.
Lifestlye Fitness

Mental Fitness Development Journey:

3 month journey based on the results of the Mental Fitness Assessment
Targets individual mental fitness professional and/or personal objectives honed via a specific intake session 
The Positive Intelligence® mental fitness programme, guides leaders via the PI mobile phone application, delivering learning elements adapted to their Saboteurs, with either individual or group support sessions
Coaching sessions support the integration of the PI “Operating System” to specific individual objectives such as improved personal effectiveness, conflict management, and leadership.
“The Mental Fitness Programme was a game-changer. It had a profound impact on my way of approaching life. It transformed my thinking, so that returning to bad habits was simply out of the question." 

Leader: Finance and Strategy (July 2021)
Mental Fitness

Fully Tailored & Project Specific Development Journeys: 

Typically co-created with the leader to resolve a specific situation or take advantage of an opportunity. Examples include:
Restructuring or merging of teams
Addressing performance, effectiveness and wellbeing issues
Guiding a leader in their new and expanded role
They can include the leader’s team(s) and key internal and external stakeholders.

We draw on our library of learning adventures and other learning resources to create the tailored journeys. They are organised under the themes – Agile leader, Leading Wellbeing and Key Leadership Skills.
Project Specific
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