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Biofeedback by Amwell

Measuring and managing stress at work

What is biofeedback, and how does it help you improve your health, wellbeing, and fitness?


Biofeedback monitoring contributes to your overall performance, health, and wellbeing by increasing your awareness of how you deal with work and life challenges:

Are you feeling stressed and a touch overwhelmed, or is it more severe, and you are worried you may be at risk of burnout?

Are you feeling stuck, unengaged, or possibly wondering if you may be heading for a depression?

Are you unfocused and anxious, struggling to get through things that you could conclude in no time before?


Together with our biofeedback partner, Amwell and their accredited specialists we help you become conscious of the consequences of your current lifestyle and workstyle.  Via a 72-hour lifestyle measurement using a small wearable device, we map out your level of stress, exercise, sleep, and recuperation in detail. These are shared with you in the form of a biofeedback report during a one on one debrief session. This can be followed up with individual coaching to develop a personalised action and monitoring plan. 


Biofeedback is powerful because it allows you to visualise daily patterns and helps you understand what triggers stress. Its specific feedback also encourages personalised results tracking that drives engagement and allows you to visualise your progress over time. It is a proven method based on scientific, business and user evidence, using well-known Firstbeat heartbeat analytics technology.


Visit the Amwell website for more detailed information.

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