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Team & Organisational Fitness

How comfortable and aware are you?

Organisational fitness includes:

Organisational match: is a measure of how comfortable you feel in your organization

Organisational savviness: is a measure of organisational awareness and influence

Both aspects are considered below:

Team Fitness

Organisational Match:
If you are a good fit for your organization, you are likely to perform well and be happy. When exploring organizational fit it is useful to consider such issues as:

How important is it that the organisation you work with serves a purpose that is meaningful for you? To what extent do you feel aligned with the purpose of your organisation?


How important is it for you to feel inspired by the vision of your organisation? Does the current vision of your organisation resonate with you?


How important is it for you that the values of your organisation, such as openness, transparency, creativity, diversity and inclusion, are aligned with your own? To what extent are the values of the organisation aligned with your own?

Organisational form:

How important is the form of the organisation to you? Are you more comfortable working for a larger and more stable organisation or a smaller and more dynamic organisation?

In assessing organisational fit...

Futur-o can draw on a variety of assessment tools.


For example: After completing the Harrison Smart Questionnaire the Traits and Definitions report can be downloaded, which provides feedback on Life Themes i.e. a person’s highest values and key potential strengths:

After supporting leaders to assess their own organisational fit (or those of team members or potential new recruits), Futur-o offers packages of consulting and coaching to develop plans to close any gaps in organisational fit.

Behavioral competency report

The Harrison Behavioral Competency Analysis provides a detailed breakdown of the traits under three categories:

Success traits, which can have a positive or negative impact on success of a role

Traits that can hinder if low

Negative traits, which if present will have a negative impact on success

This report enables leaders. / team members to leverage those strengths that have helped them be successful, become aware of areas of potential weakness that might need to be developed to enable a leader / team member to achieve their full potential and eliminate any negative traits that could derail their success.

Organisational Saviness:
Leaders who are organizationally savvy stay abreast of what is happening across the organisation. They understand the effects of decisions and actions on other parts of the organization and recognize the interests of others in different parts of the organisation. They understand the influence dynamics of the organisation and use that information to establish alliances to achieve organizational objectives. They understand the organization’s culture and norms of behavior.

Organisational saviness is explored using the Harrison Smart Questionnaire, which assesses Behavioural preferences and interests. Reports such as Behavioral Competency provide deep insight into the different traits that underlie Organisational Saviness

Developing Organisational Saviness
 As with Lifestyle fitness, Mental fitness and Role fitness, Futur-o offers Personalised Development Journeys (PDJ) to enhance Organisational Saviness. The Futur-o fitness checks provide a valuable input into the co-creation of a PDJ with a leader.

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